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Hearthside Craftworks at Evertote - Snap Frame Adaptor Kit

Hearthside Craftworks at Evertote - Snap Frame Adaptor Kit

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Adjustable Brackets
Stabilizer Bar Length

A set of two small adjustable brackets with stabilizer bar that are compatible with both our Lap Stand and our Floor Stand. Be sure that the stabilizer bar you choose is at least 2 inches wider than your preferred snap frame width (for example, if you have a 17in snap frame, you would want to purchase our 20in stabilizer bar).

Compatible with any plastic snap-style embroidery frame such as Q-Snaps. Not compatible with hoop style frames.

Stabilizer bars are also available separately.

Does not include additional knobs - you can use the knobs included with your stand. If you need extra knobs, you can purchase them here: Hearthside Craftworks Set of 4 Knobs

A note on the stain used: Evertote Inc. is using a different stain colour than what the originals owners used on their stands. Any accessories purchased from us for stands from the original owners will not be an exact colour match. 

All Hearthside Craftworks products are made with solid Red Oak.

Packed and processed for you by hand in a smoke free, pet friendly workshop.

Applicable Canadian sales tax will be calculated at check out.

Overpaid postage fees will be refunded upon shipping.

Happy Stitching!

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