About Hearthside Craftworks



Hearthside Craftworks was located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ~100 km east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hearthside was a Husband and Wife Team - John built the stands in his workshop and Helen handled the paperwork and communications for this home based business.

John had been crafting the needlework stands and accessories since 1995.  What began as a hobby in an effort to build Helen a stand that would allow her to continue her stitching (which was becoming very difficult due to arthritis and tendonitis in her shoulder and elbow), word of his beautiful and well-built design spread and Hearthside became an extremely busy 'cottage industry'. This success necessitated John and Helen both retiring early from their prior careers so that their full focus could be directed to their customers and the community following that has arisen from their business. As a result of the support of the amazing international stitching community, and primarily by word of mouth, Hearthside Stands have found loving homes all around the world!



Hearthside Craftworks is pleased to announce that we have completed the transfer of the business to Evertote Inc. in London, Ontario! For inquiries please email Caroline, the owner of Evertote, at info@evertote.ca. Caroline will be happy to chat with you! We are excited that Evertote will be continuing the Hearthside tradition! ​