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Roxy Floss Co - NEW Pride Collection - Set of 11

Roxy Floss Co - NEW Pride Collection - Set of 11

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Our updated LGBTQIA+ floss pack is modelled after the Progress Pride Flag, which was developed in 2018 by non-binary artist and designer Daniel Quasar (xe/xyr). 

You can read more about the history of the Progress Pride Flag at this link:

Progress Pride Flag History, Victoria and Albert Museum

Did you know that each colour in the Pride flag has a meaning?

Red for Life, Orange for Healing, Yellow for Sunlight, Green for Nature, Indigo for Serenity, Purple for Spirit. Black and Brown represent people of colour, and the Pink, White, and Light Blue represent members of the Trans and Non-Binary communities. 

The NEW Pride Collection includes one 8 yards/approx 7.3 metres skein of Roxy Cotton Floss in:
Lucille, Rhymes with Orange, Yellow There!, Lawn & Order, Royale, Grape Soda, Polar Ice, Florida Pink, Snowy Owl, Chocolate Ganache, and Charcoal

Overdyed by hand in small batches, this floss is awesome! Please ensure you are ordering the amount needed as duplicating dye lots is a tricky business and the next batch of this colourway may vary slightly.

Test a small sample if you intend to wash, esp darker colours. It has been rinsed and set carefully and should be colourfast - but always better safe than sorry.

Colour of floss may vary slightly from my monitor to yours  

Carded and packed for you by me in my smoke free, pet friendly workshop.

Applicable Canadian sales tax will be calculated at check out.

Happy Stitching!

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