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Modern Folk Embroidery - When This You See Remember Me - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - When This You See Remember Me - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart for Modern Folk Embroidery's new design "When This You See Remember Me". Please see the chart description below for more details.

This chart measures 165 crosses wide and 139 crosses tall for a total of 8330 crosses. 

Kerri of Roxy Floss Co has dyed a special floss colour for this chart called Vierlande. This floss can be found in both regular skein form and mini hank form. Please note that there may be additional processing time required for this floss and it may take your order up to 3 weeks to ship.

If you are stitching this chart 1 over 2, you will need three (3) regular skeins of Roxy Floss.

If you are stitching this chart 2 over 2, you will need five (5) regular skeins of Roxy Floss.

You can purchase the floss here: Roxy Floss Co Vierlande

Looking for linen? We recommend stitching this chart on Roxy Floss Co Panettone Linen.

If stitching on 28ct or 32ct linen, you will need a wide quarter of fabric to complete this chart.

If stitching on 36ct linen, you can get away with a wide eighth if you are okay with a 2.5-inch border on the shorter side. If you would like a 3-in border all around, you will need a wide quarter.

If stitching on 40ct linen or higher, a wide eighth of linen is plenty.

From the Designer:

Vierlande is a rural area just outside of Hamburg on the river Elbe. The name “Vierlande” literally translates as “four lands” and refers to the four parishes in it (Kirchwerder, Neuengamme, Altengamme and Curslack). The area has a rich cultural tradition of dress and folk art. Girls in this area would create stunning samplers, which in the 19th century were often fully worked with black thread on linen.

Some time ago, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to purchase a large Vierlande sampler (AKGIT 1833 - which was also charted by me - see the last page of this booklet). This sampler inspired me to design something in this beautiful pattern’s style. I took several liberties in my design but wanted the overall feel of the sampler to be in the spirit of traditional Vierlande samplers.

For this sampler I used a selection of trees of life and medallions, and two small borders at the top. I came across the text “When this you see remember me - tho many miles we distant be” on an antique enamel box. I thought they were fitting words for a little piece such as this.

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