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Modern Folk Embroidery - Katrin & William - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - Katrin & William - Booklet Chart

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Chart & Floss

A physical booklet chart for Modern Folk Embroidery's new design "Katrin & William" with the option to add the Roxy Floss Co thread conversion done by Hannah (@flossbosshannah)

 Please see the chart description below for more details.

This chart can be stitched in two different versions:

The main version measures 152 stitches wide and 115 stitches tall for a total of 7298 stitches.

The main version PLUS bonus alphabet measures 152 stitches wide and 230 stitches tall for a total of 11903 stitches.

You have the option of purchasing a floss pack for the main version only or the main PLUS bonus alphabet version. 

Floss colours included: Charcoal, The Wiz, Vierlande, Demerara, Evoo, Earl Grey, Antique Wedding Dress, Thursday, Tuesday, Falu Red, and Raspberry Puree.

Looking for the conversion guide? You can download a copy of it here.

Looking for linen? We recommend stitching this chart on Roxy Floss Co Rustic Pistachio Linen. (floss photo is pictured with Rustic Pistachio as the background)

A wide eighth is enough for all linen counts to stitch the main version, however, those stitching on 28ct and 32ct will only have a 2-2.5 inch border. All other counts (36, 40, 46) will have at least a 3 inch border. 

If you wish to stitch the main version with the bonus alphabet, a wide quarter is enough on all linen counts.

From the Designer:

Katrin and William is a cross stitch design inspired by an 18th century Scottish sampler in my personal collection. I took various elements from the design and reworked them into the design you see here.

The pattern includes an alphabet chart which can be stitched exactly as seen, with extra space for personalisation. You can however only stitch the scene with the man and woman flanking the giant vase with tulips.

This design features only full crosses and just a few backstitches in the hair of the man. The large alphabets on this chart can be worked in eyelets – the chart shows groups of 4×4 crosses, but these can be replaced by eyelets instead. Note that the pattern keeper will not show the backstitches in the hair of the man – please refer to the original chart to see those stitches!

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