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Modern Folk Embroidery - Antje Meester 1785: An Amsterdam Orphanage Sampler - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - Antje Meester 1785: An Amsterdam Orphanage Sampler - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart of the Modern Folk Embroidery's "Antje Meester 1785: An Amsterdam Orphanage Sampler"! 

From Jacob:

This is the sampler of Antje Meester, a girl who lived at the Diaconie Orphanage in Amsterdam. She stitched her tiny sampler in 1785. The 16-page booklet gives information about Antje and her family, the orphanage, and is richly illustrated.


This design measures 171 crosses wide and 138 crosses high. It has a total of approximately 5173 crosses. If you are working on 32 count linen / 16 count Aida, and you’re working with 2 pulled strands of 6-stranded floss you will require approximately 3 skeins of floss. This would be the minimum required amount, so make sure to buy one skein extra if you want to make sure you have the same dye batch.

Below is a stitched size estimate for different kinds of fabrics. Note that you will require more floss for lower count fabrics, and less floss for higher counts:

28ct: 12 ⅜” x 9 ⅞” (31 x 25cm)
32ct: 10 ¾” x 8 ⅝” (27.1 x 21.9cm)
36ct: 9 ½” x 7 ⅝” (24.1x 19.5cm)
40ct: 8 ¾” x 6 ⅞” (21.7 x 1705cm)
46ct: 7 ½” x 6” (18.9 x 15. 1cm)

The original sampler was stitched on a very high count linen – approximately 64 threads per inch. It was originally worked with a lovely rusty brown-red colour.

Although you can use any floss to stitch this design, I would recommend stitching with a subtly variegated floss. It will help to create a more rustic look. Make sure to check out Roxy Floss Co floss, exclusively available from my friend Caroline’s shop in Canada. (that's us!)

The pattern itself has been split over 6 pages. After the 1st page you will notice a 3-cross wide greyed out border: this area is an overlap from the previous page, which will make it easier to find your way on the next page.

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