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Modern Folk Embroidery - A Tree of Friendship - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - A Tree of Friendship - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart of the Modern Folk Embroidery's "A Tree of Frienship"! 

From Jacob:

A good friendships can, just like the tree, grow bigger and stronger over time. This little design is in celebration of such friendships. You can stitch the initials of a friend at the top underneath the crowns. Optionally, you could put your initials where the date on the artwork is – I’ll leave that up to you! I think this mini sampler would  make a great gift for a special friend in your life.

Technical details:

Chart measures 159 stitches high and 105 stitches wide for a total of 3,912 stitches.

For stitching 1 over 2, you will need 2 skeins of Roxy Floss Co floss.

For stitching 2 over 2, you will need 3 skeins of Roxy Floss Co floss.

Looking for floss? We suggest stitching this beautiful chart in Roxy Floss Co Falu Red to achieve a similar look. Looking for a different colour? This chart would also look lovely in Roxy Floss Co The Wiz or Roxy Floss Co Cheshire!

Looking for linen? The above colours would all look great on Roxy Floss Co Dirty Porcelain

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