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Hearthside Craftworks at Evertote - Mark II Embroidery Floor Stand

Hearthside Craftworks at Evertote - Mark II Embroidery Floor Stand

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Current wait time for a Mark II Floor Stand is 8-12 weeks depending on demand. Sometimes we receive many orders at the same time and it takes a while to process them as each stand needs to be assembled and tested. Allow extra time for custom orders (longer crossbars etc)

Each stand is carefully hand crafted by John, then brought to the Evertote team to ensure that all parts are working - this means that each and every stand will be tested by a member of the Evertote team before being shipped to you!

The Mark II Floor Stand comes with:

- 36 inch Crossbar
- 30 inch pair of scroll rods
- Flip Frame Mechanism
- Pattern Holder
- Accessory Tray
- Set of 4 Knobs


- The "Flip Frame" feature allows you to rotate the scroll frame 360 degrees without adjusting any knobs. This makes it easy to flip from the front to the back of your project
- Height adjustable in 1 inch increments (from 30in - 36in)
- Straddles wheelchairs, rockers, recliners, and other furniture (see notes below for seat requirements)
- Accessory tray measures 10.5 in x 6 in 

Notes on Seat Requirements:

- This stand must be able to go over (straddle) your seat (measure your chair and make sure that it is no wider than 36", or else you will need to special order a longer crossbar
- The floor stand is not suitable for use with seating that has built in footrests (unless the stand is wide enough to go over the rest - verify measurements before ordering)
- For couches/loveseats you will need a 3 in clearance between the bottom of the furniture and the floor to ensure there is enough room for the foot of the frame to slide underneath

Other Stand Requirements: 

- Scroll rods must be at least 6 inches shorter than the crossbar, this is important in ensuring that the flip frame mechanism has enough clearance on either side to work properly


If you require customizations to your stand or other accessories, please contact us for a quote at


Hearthside Craftworks Mark II Floor Stand Assembly Video

Hearthside Craftworks Mark II Floor Stand Assembly Instructions


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