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Modern Folk Embroidery - SAL 2024: No Time Like the Present - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - SAL 2024: No Time Like the Present - Booklet Chart

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The Modern Folk Embroidery 2024 SAL - No Time Like the Present- is based on the themes of time and time passing.

When joining the SAL, please use the hashtag #MFESAL2024 so we can all follow and admire each other's work!

Chart measures 295 stitch high and 211 stitches wide.


This design has been charted with two colours in mind. Each colour has exactly 17798 crosses. For stitching 1 over 2, you will need 6 skeins of each colour. For stitching 2 over 2, you will need 11 skeins of each colour. 

The cover photo of the chart shows a mock up of this design stitched with Roxy Floss Co Falu Red and Roxy Floss Co Great Lakes.

Alternate colour combinations on the back colour include:

- Roxy Floss Co Graphite & Roxy Floss Co Statuesque
- Roxy Floss Co Pinery & Roxy Floss Co Sugar Plum
- Roxy Floss Co Tart & Roxy Floss Co Craisins
- Roxy Floss Co Dirty Martini & Roxy Floss Co Evoo

You are encouraged to work with the colours that speak the most to you!

Looking for fabric? We recommend Roxy Floss Co Porcelain Linen or Aida.

28 count - 1/2 yard requirement

32 count - 1/4 yard will be sufficient but will only have a 2" border

36 count - 1/4 yard requirement

40 count - 1/4 yard requirement


“Time flies,” Virgil wrote many a moon ago. It seems like yesterday that I presented the 2023 stitch-a-long (SAL). Where has the year gone? And here we are - another year, another SAL.

For this year’s project, I decided to work on the theme of time and time passing. At the centre, we see the face of a clock with Roman numerals. Around it are three phases of the moon (1st quarter, full moon and 3rd quarter) in a starry sky to represent the eternal movement of the heavenly bodies.

A recent trip to Canada proved to be inspirational. We saw so many squirrels in our neighbourhood that I had to create something with squirrels. They were adorable running over the old houses in London, ON, gathering nuts and hiding them in the strangest places. The little parrots were inspired by those I saw at the home of Roxy Floss Co’s Kerri.

The stag with antlers turning into branches represents growth. It’s a reminder that, even though time might fly, in this very moment, we can choose to grow and develop as humans.

- Items are packed for you by hand in a smoke free, pet friendly workshop.

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