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Modern Folk Embroidery - AKGIT 1833: A Vierlande Sampler - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - AKGIT 1833: A Vierlande Sampler - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart for Modern Folk Embroidery's new reproduction sampler "AKGIT 1833: A Vierlande Sampler". Please see the chart description below for more details.

This chart measures 409 crosses wide and 418 cross tall for a total of 76807 crosses. This chart also requires some back stitching and crosses that sit between grids.

Kerri of Roxy Floss Co has dyed a special floss colour for this chart called Vierlande. This floss can be found in both regular skein form and mini hank form. Please note that there may be additional processing time required for this floss and it may take your order up to 3 weeks to ship.

If you are stitching this chart 1 over 2, you will need one (1) Roxy Floss Co Mini Hank to complete this chart.

If you are stitching this chart 2 over 2, you will need two (2) Roxy Floss Co Mini Hanks to complete this chart.

1 mini hank = approx. 24 skeins of floss

You can purchase mini hanks of this floss here: Roxy Floss Co Vierlande Mini Hank

Looking for linen? We recommend stitching this chart on Roxy Floss Co Panettone Linen.

If stitching on 28ct or 32ct linen, you will need a full yard of fabric to complete this chart.

If stitching on 36ct linen, you can get away with a half yard if you are okay with a 2-inch border on the shorter side. If you would like a 3-in border all around, you will need a full yard. 

If stitching on 40ct linen or higher, a half yard of linen is plenty.

From the Designer:

Last year I got the opportunity of acquiring a unique sampler from 1833. The original sampler has a stitched surface of about 43 by 43 cm, which was worked over 2 threads on a 50-count linen. I can honestly say that it is the most beautiful sampler in my collection.

Through the sampler’s style, we know it was worked in 1833 in the Vierlande region of northern Germany, just southeast of the city of Hamburg. Originally, Vierlande consisted of several islands in the river Elbe. It now includes the communities of Curslack, Kirchwerder, Neuengamme and Altengamme.

Samplers from the late 18th and first half of the 19th century were often worked in black silk or wool - with sometimes a tiny splash of colour. They display mainly large ornamental trees, circular medallions and diamond motifs, with scatterings of mini circular medallions, distinct decorative letters and sometimes crowns and border motifs. All of these borders, letters and motifs were useful when working on decorative bed linens, cushions and as part of their traditional dress. The back of this booklet gives an example of the typical costume from the region worn by farmers’ wives.

AKGIT worked all these elements on her sampler. At the top are four borders. Underneath we find the start of an alphabet. Each large decorative letter has a unique crown. The letters then continue along the sampler’s right side; after that, letters are scattered all over the sampler.

However, this sampler’s focal point are the five magnificent trees of life. These large flower pots are such a joy to stitch - they’re perfectly symmetrical, and once you start stitching them, you’ll keep discovering little elements, such as hidden birds and flowers, that you might not have noticed the first time.

But who was AKGIT? Sadly, I’ve not found a definitive answer. Some samplers show strange initials - where names were broken up in syllables, but these weren’t always logical. I looked for all girls born starting with an A and matching the other letters, and Alke (or Alcke) Gladiator is the only name that matches it. Unfortunately, two girls with that name were born a year apart: one in 1824, the other in 1823. Both girls were born in Kirchwerder and were probably cousins. Maybe one day, we’ll discover something that might identify the maker with certainty.

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