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Modern Folk Embroidery - A Quilter's Dream - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - A Quilter's Dream - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart for Modern Folk Embroidery's design "A Quilter's Dream". Please see the chart description below for more details.

This chart measures 209 crosses wide and 209 crosses tall for a total of 23624 crosses. 

Looking for floss? The designer recommends stitching this chart using Roxy Floss Co Just Navy and Roxy Floss Co Caramel or Roxy Floss Co Great Lakes and Roxy Floss Co Pippy.

You will need 4 skeins of each colours to stitch this chart 1 over 2. You will need 7 skeins of each colour to stitch this chart 2 over 2.

Looking for fabric? We recommend Roxy Floss Co Porcelain Linen or Aida.

28 count - 1/2 yard requirement

32 count - 1/4 yard will be sufficient but will only have a 2" border

36 count - 1/4 yard requirement

40 count - 1/4 yard requirement

From the Designer:

This design is an ode to the warm quilts that many stitchers have worked before us and that have kept us warm through many a winter night.

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