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Modern Folk Embroidery - A Winter Kaleidoscope - Booklet Chart

Modern Folk Embroidery - A Winter Kaleidoscope - Booklet Chart

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A physical booklet chart of the Modern Folk Embroidery's "A Winter Kaleidoscope"! 

Chart measures 383 stitches high and 383 stitches wide for a total of 80,656 stitches.

Below is an estimated size guide for the stitched-up piece on popular linen / aida fabrics. It also gives a floss amount, calculated for 6-stranded floss skeins of 8 metres. Please be aware that most hand-dyed floss brands have a length of 8 yards (7. 3 metres). Multiply recommended skeins by 1. 1 (so ten skeins become 11 skeins etc.).

14-count aida / 28-count linen: buy 46 skeins (2 strands)
16-count aida / 32-count linen: buy 40 skeins (2 strands)
18-count aida / 36-count linen: buy 36 skeins (2 strands)
20-count aida / 40-count linen: buy 16 skeins (1 strand)
46-count linen: buy 12 skeins (1 strand)
56-count linen: buy 10 skeins (1 strand)

Looking for floss? We recommend Roxy Floss Co "Lucille" if you are looking for a bright Christmas red or Roxy Floss Co "Falu Red" if you prefer something more variegated with a slightly darker, more muted tone.

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