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Maximum Cross Stitch - Eddie and Patsy - Booklet Chart and/or Roxy Floss Pack

Maximum Cross Stitch - Eddie and Patsy - Booklet Chart and/or Roxy Floss Pack

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This item includes a physical booklet chart for Maximum Cross Stitch's "Eddie and Patsy". 

Floss colours included are: Ochre, Falu Red, Starburst Cherry, Bellini, Cashmere, Royale, Powdered Up, Mollusk, Green & Bear It, Arugula, Little Green, Smells Like Money, Antique Wedding Dress, Chocolate Ganache, Lawn & Order, Dark Sage, Creme Brulee, Nerdy, Molly, Peach It (Sistah), Cinnamon, and Evoo

Floss List Errata: You can download a copy of the errata here.

This chart measures 151 stitches wide by 118 stitches tall for a total of 6067 stitches. 

Looking for linen? Ellen stitched her model on Roxy Floss Co Cat Nap Linen 

Looking for something a little different? Caroline will be stitching her model on Roxy Floss Co Night Owl Linen

If stitching on 28ct and 32ct - you will need a wide quarter to stitch this design.
If stitching on 36ct and 40ct - you will need a wide eighth to stitch this design.

Looking for the PDF? You can purchase it directly from the designer on her website:

- Applicable sales tax or VAT will be calculated at check out.

- Floss is carded and packed for you by hand in a smoke free, pet friendly workshop.

Test a small sample if you intend to wash, esp darker colours. It has been rinsed and set carefully and should be colourfast - but always better safe than sorry.

Colour of floss may vary slightly from my monitor to yours 

Happy Stitching!

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