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Shakespeare's Peddler - M. Satterwaite 1807 - Physical Chart

Shakespeare's Peddler - M. Satterwaite 1807 - Physical Chart

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This item includes a physical copy of Shakespeare's Peddler's (aka Kitten Stitcher) "Red Letter Day" book.

From the designer: 

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! I love, love, love it. I stumbled upon this Quaker in 2022 and had to reproduce it for you all. The stitch count is 268 by 283. Stitches used are primarily cross stitch over-two, some over-one (letters/name), and a few vertical cross stitches (basically, a tall, skinny cross stitch). Because of the over-one, this will not work as well on Aida.

Looking for floss?

Here are a few different colour combinations that we think would work nicely:

1 - Roxy Floss Co Carbon & Roxy Floss Co Almond
2 - Roxy Floss Co Great Lakes & Roxy Floss Co Desert Sand
3 - Roxy Floss Co Ampersand & Roxy Floss Co Mother of Pearl

If stitching this chart 1 over 2, you will need 7 skeins of the darker colour and 1 skein of the lighter colour. We do not recommend stitching this chart 2 over 2 as we cannot guarantee floss quantities required for this project.

Applicable Canadian sales tax will be calculated at check out.

Happy Stitching!

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