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Han's Lil' XStitch Treats "All of Our Ages" PDF Chart

Han's Lil' XStitch Treats "All of Our Ages" PDF Chart

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The inspiration for this chart came from a story I read about the Matryoshka. I immediately felt a strong connection to the story and wanted to chart up some of these beautiful Russian dolls. After I began my design, I researched the background of the Matryoshka even more and was deeply moved by the representation of generations of mothers, the relationship between women, and the idea that we are all connected. I knew right away that I had to use this chart to make a difference.

I spoke with Caroline about these wishes and we decided to donate all proceeds from this chart to the Anova Women's Shelter here in London, Ontario. Their location is a short distance from our office and I pass by them almost every day. To be able to contribute something to their mission means a lot to me.

By purchasing this chart, you are helping Anova provide shelter, support, counselling services, and resources for abused women, their children, and other oppressed people. They also run a 24/7 crisis line, a women's community house, and the local sexual assault centre. This is incredibly important work that means a lot to me. You can read more about Anova by visiting their website:

The title of the chart "All of Our Ages" comes from a quote I found about how when we are born we carry all the possibilities for all of our ages from 0-100!

Much Love and Happy Stitching!

To stitch this chart you will need:

For Stitching 1/2 -
1 x Goldilocks (or DMC 728), 1 x Lucille (or DMC 321), 1 x Darkest Sage (or DMC 934), and 1 x Chocolate Ganache (or DMC 898)

For Stitching 2/2-
2 x Goldilocks (or DMC 728), 2 x Lucille (or DMC 321), 2 x Darkest Sage (or DMC 934), and 1 x Chocolate Ganache (or DMC 898)

You can purchase the Leo&Roxy Colours at the Following Links:

- Roxy Goldilocks
- Roxy Lucille
- Roxy Darkest Sage
- Roxy Chocolate Ganache 

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