MFE Sampler September Package with Booklet Chart - NO LINEN

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It's an extra Sampler-y September with a SAL planned and plotted by Jacob of Modern Folk Embroidery, Kerri of Leo&Roxy Yarn Co. and Caroline of Evertote. The mystery sampler is now revealed!

This package will include the physical chart for MFE "Mary Harry 1808", 7 skeins of hand dyed floss, a medium size cross stitch project bag, and a limited edition MFE Needle Keep. This listing does not include linen. 

The chart is an American sampler with some Quaker history from 1808.  It will include cross stitch (the majority), some over 1 stitching, a few eyelets, and some queen (or rococo) stitch. Never fear - if you don't know how to do a stitch, we can learn together. Or, there will be suggestions for replacement stitches. The finished design will be 150 stitches high by 115 stitches wide.