The Scarlet Letter - Elizabeth Eyles Leo&Roxy Yarn Co. Floss Conversion by Trixie Tricycle

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Our friend Trixie Tricycle (@trixietricycle) has come up with this absolutely wonderful conversion of the chart "Elizabeth Eyles" by The Scarlet Letter using Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. Floss (and a few DMCs).

You have the choice of purchasing floss of 1 over 2 (14 skeins of Leo & Roxy) or 2 over 2 (17 skeins of Leo & Roxy) with or without additional DMC floss (3 skeins) needed for the chart. 

Leo & Roxy Floss used: Dark Sage, Artichoke, Tiff of the Iceberg, Silver Birch, Anne, Ochre, Crème Brûlée, Haystack, Antique Wedding Dress, Charcoal, Flamingo, Tickled Pink, and Blue Lagoon.

DMC Floss used: 610, 612, 832

You will also receive a note card with a legend for the floss conversion. 

We do not sell the chart, if you'd like to purchase the chart, you can buy it from The Scarlet Letter at this link: Elizabeth Eyles by The Scarlet Letter Chart (chart is pictured on this listing for reference only)