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Modern Folk Embroidery - The Wings of the Dove - Mini Kit

Modern Folk Embroidery - The Wings of the Dove - Mini Kit

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An oldie, but a goodie, kitted up with brand new linen and floss!

The Wings of the Dove Mini Kit includes:

- A physical booklet chart for "The Wings of the Dove" by Modern Folk Embroidery
- 8 skeins of Roxy Floss Co Cotton Floss in the colour "Sailboat"
- A wide quarter of your choice of 36ct or 40ct Roxy Floss Co Linen in the colour "Smooth Sailing"

Design measures 221 stitches wide and 291 stitches tall for a total of 23,664 stitches.

About the design:

This is a design inspired by the early Baroque pattern books of Bartolomeo Danieli and Isabella Catanea Parasole.

At its centre, we see a large flower pot which was inspired by the works of Bartolomeo Danieli, who published books on lacework around the same time as Isabella Catanea Parasole. Early pattern books shaped the way European samplers would develop in the next centuries – so it’s only fitting to take inspiration from such a pattern book and turn it into a new design.

Underneath the flower pot I placed a dove in flight. Doves are often depicted in Christian iconography as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In both Judaism and Christianity, the dove plays an important role in the story of Noah, where it returns to the Ark after the flood, carrying an olive branch, with the promise that the flood is over. In Islam, the dove is also respected after assisting Muhammed in hiding from his enemies. Outside of religion, the dove is seen as a symbol of peace.

Test a small sample if you intend to wash, esp darker colours. Floss has been rinsed and set carefully and should be colourfast - but always better safe than sorry.

Colour of floss may vary slightly from my monitor to yours 

Happy Stitching! 

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